Top 4 Forex Brokerage Trading Landmarks for 2020 and the Years to Come

Forex, also known as foreign exchange is nothing but space where you can exchange, trade or swap your foreign currency. There are brokers in between you and the main exchange space to brief you about the needs and eligibility of trading. They are called Forex brokers. Forex brokerage or brokers helps you to give an insight into the accessibility to the market. Most of these brokerages will also help you study and research more about the type of trading you are choosing. Forex brokerage is vast, and you can see many decent, significant, and a small level of brokers in the market to help you out. In the following post, we will see a few of the best brokers you can rely on this year and in the coming years. Without much further ado, let us dive right into the article.

1. IG

The first and the foremost broker site you can blindly rely upon is none other than IG, a best overall trusted global broker. The brokerage proffers a vast lost of many tradable products and services, amazing trading tools and equipment for feasible trading, trading education, and lastly a great competitive scale. These are a few of the best things that make IG the best brokerage for 2020 and in the coming years.


2. Saxo Bank

Have you heard about the brokerage facility that permits you to deposit USD 10,000 as the minimum deposit? This is what Saxo Bank has in hold for you. The bank is best known to provide the best pricing for the VIP customers, amazing trading landscape, and research and analyzing about trade, and for giving the best customer services to their clients. Apart from all these specialties, the Saxo Bank also offers 40,000 tools and instruments to trade or swap. These are few of the best points that make Saxo Bank best for 2020.

3. CMC Markets

Known for offering the best web platform and most significant currency pairs, CMC Markets is the third one to top the chart in 2020. Few of the best services provided by the company is vast expertise and making the lives of customers easy by offering them financial products and fantastic pricing. Apart from that, the brokerage also provides the Next Generation trading platform that is equipped with advanced and innovative equipment.

CMC Markets

4. Dukascopy

Dukascopy is known for providing a well-rounded offering to their customers. With its JForex platform suite, the brokerage platform proffers many advanced and innovative tools as well as the market research for their clients and customers. Apart from that, the service also offers a mobile app for making 2020 the year of trading and investing.

Wrapping it Up

The above mentioned and the few of the best brokerage space you can ever find in the world. If you are planning to start investing or trading in Forex, we recommend you to check these landmarks and start trading.