How Do I Fund a Forex Account

Investing in the forex market is one of the best options for day trading today. It is the biggest trading market around the world that opens for five and a half days a week. You need a forex exchange account to trade and hold your foreign currency online. Having multiple trading accounts online can make your trading easier while managing different currencies for trading. To trade in forex, you first need to open an account, deposit the money you want to trade for a certain currency, and your account is ready to sell and buy currency pairs.

Funding your forex account is easier than it may seem when you are a beginner in forex trading. Most of the trades in forex happen with the help of banks (75%). One can trade for as little as $1000 and still make enough profits. Once you have a knowledge of how forex trading works, you are ready to open your forex account with the help of forex traders or brokers. There are three common ways to fund your forex account.

Credit/Debit Card Deposit

Debit or credit card deposits are the most common among traders as they are easy and can transfer directly from your bank account to your trading account. You can use your credit card to make a direct deposit to a forex account whenever you want. To make a deposit using your credit card, log in to your forex account, and select a credit card deposit. Enter your credit card details and make the payment. The amount from your bank account will be deducted, and an equal amount will be deposited into your forex trading account.

Credit/Debit Card Deposit


PayPal is an online payment method that you can use to send and receive money across 150 countries around the world. It is a safe online wallet that helps you make direct money transfers without the need for banking details. Using PayPal is also easy, and you just need an account to make the payment. On the forex website, when you are on the payment methods page, choose PayPal for money transfer. This will redirect you to your PayPal webpage, where you will have to confirm the payment. You may also need the login details of your PayPal account if you are signing in from a new device. PayPay is faster than credit card payments that can get you started in seconds.

Wired Transfer

You can also deposit money in your forex account using a wire transfer. It is not the best option available for forex but is still useful while dealing with brokers. Learn how to wire money from your bank to your broker. The broker will keep and manage your account for you. As soon as they receive the funds, they will add it to your forex account. It is useful when you are unable to deposit money to your account and request the broker to make the trade so that you can wire them the money later.